It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/24/13


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This week, I finished a couple of books for grown-ups:

lost cat


This is a great book for cat lovers or anyone who enjoys a tale of obsession. Caroline Paul’s thirteen-year-old tabby cat, Tibby, disappeared for five weeks, then returned, a bit fatter than before. Where was he during that time? What was he doing? Why didn’t he come when she called him? With her partner, Wendy McNaughton, who did the lovely illustrations (I especially love the fantasy of Tibby as a member of the Shackleton expedition), Paul embarks on a rather obsessive quest to figure out what her cat does when he’s not with her. GPS, catcams, and door-to-door neighborhood canvassing are involved. The GPS mappings of her cat’s wanderings are really funny–as are the disappointing photos snapped by the catcam. Throughout the book, I really wished she wouldn’t let her cats outdoors–for their sakes and for the sakes of all the little creatures they no doubt killed. It’s not a mystery what your cat does on his own time when he’s safely inside. But I tried not to let that spoil my enjoyment of the story.

i can't complain

I’ve been an Elinor Lipman fan for many years, though I haven’t kept up with reading her fiction. I couldn’t resist a collection of essays, however. These are mostly of the light and sparkly variety, though I found two pieces about her mother’s death and her husband’s long illness and death very poignant.

And I read a bunch of picture books, including some real standouts:



penny and marble



I am in the middle of so many books right now. My hope for this week is to finish some of them–but then that’s kind of the goal every week. Hope everyone enjoys reading this week!


One response to “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/24/13”

  1. Love your picture books! The Monsters’ Monster is one of my top five picture books from last year–absolutely love it! And it’s always nice to hear about worthwhile adult novels, too! Frances is so cute!!

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