Friday Finds: What I’ve Been Reading Online

Sophie Blackall is one of my very favorite children’s book illustrators, and this week, I discovered two posts about her at Brain Pickings, a wonderful and quirky site. I was trying to figure out how to describe Brain Pickings and discovered this word on its website: “interestingness.” Brain Pickings specializes in finding and highlighting interestingness. My favorite Blackall post is about Missed Connections, a book of art inspired by Craiglist’s missed connection personals, which I promptly had to go purchase. But I also liked the snippets of interview in this post.

Great post at The Nerdy Book Club on the Top 10 Crying BooksWatership Down and both Dog Heaven and Cat Heaven would be on my list for sure! So would Code Name Verity!

I’ve read a number of thought-provoking posts about the Zimmerman verdict, but I’ll limit my links to just two: teacher Pernille Ripp’s “The Things I Will Never Have to Tell My Son” and Kate and Maggie’s post “On Anger”. As a white parent raising black kids, I am very mindful this week of all the things I am going to have to try to explain to my sons, and where do you even start such a conversation? I think of my older son, especially, who likes to shout a cheery hello to every stranger he sees.

Leo Babauta shares four habits that will make you happier.

Fifth-grade teacher Katherine Sokolowski (whose blog, Read Write Reflect, is my favorite teaching blog) has another must-read piece on “Trusting Myself to Teach“.

Teacher Matt Gomez explains why the digital camera continues to be his favorite classroom tech tool.  Now I want to get some digital cameras for my students to use!

Kevin at Kevin’s Meandering Mind shares a decidedly low-tech way to introduce students to hacking. I loved seeing Richard Scarry’s book repurposed and remixed, and I also started thinking about how I might use this idea in some of my classes.

There are some terrific ideas in this post for turning your students into enthusiastic readers.

I love this idea from Garnet Hillman of describing your classroom in 5 words. This is one I plan to use with pre-service Methods teachers.

This post on “Blogging for Reluctant Writers” describes a few audio and video tools that teachers can share with student bloggers who may have great ideas and stories to share but need more means for sharing. I would like to start incorporating more multimedia into my own work, so this is a good tutorial for me too!

And for Joss Whedon fans, the most fun thing I saw all week were these 5 Jossverse cross stitch samplers. Yes, cross stitch.

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