Friday Finds…on Sunday!

I found an awesome Pinterest board of Chores for Kiddos–full of ideas for getting my house cleaned in the most organized way possible. As I always tell my kids when they’re misbehaving, “You know how much I love a clean house!”

I haven’t really used Pinterest, but this post has a lot of interesting ideas for how writers can use Pinterest to drive more traffic to their sites and promote their work. Got me thinking about how educators might use Pinterest for similar purposes

I’m intrigued by Serendipomatic. I love the serendipity that sometimes results from a web search, and this tool promises much more of it. I’m not quite sure what to make of the results of my first search. But it looked pretty cool!

Jim Dillon wrote a thoughtful piece I’ll probably share in Methods class on teaching as a work in progress.

Used Books in Class gave me an idea for a blog post: picture books that non-elementary teachers might use in their classrooms. Maybe I can get that written next week!

In fact, maybe I can write it to coincide with August Picture Book 10 for 10!

Also, Colby Sharp‘s post on Nine Days I Am Looking Forward To Celebrating With My Students inspires me to think of ways to incorporate some of these celebrations into my college courses. Mock Caldecott with Children’s Lit in the Fall?

I’ll be using Heather Wolpert-Gawron‘s advice on Blogging with Middle-Schoolers in my college classes this fall (as well as sharing with my pre-service teachers). I especially love her idea for offline blogging–gets kids checking out books in her classroom library as a bonus!

I absolutely love What Ed Said‘s 10 Questions to Help You Become a Better Teacher.

Katherine Sokolowski reminded me why it’s so important for writing teachers to write and shared some reflections about her writing habits.

Matt Gomez has one rule in his kindergarten class: Be Brave! I would love to be able to visit Gomez’s classroom. I really enjoy learning from him on his blog and Twitter.

Sara Bakes Cakes shares ideas for family movie night: lots of 80s oldies-but-goodies here, including Adventures in Babysitting!

I want to try so many of the salads linked to in “I Could Eat Like This Every Night.”

Why haven’t I ever cooked a Puffy Popover Pancake? Or Peach Cobbler Scones? Or Brownie in a Mug! Or Breakfast Tacos? Only for dinner. Because I hate eggs in the morning.


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