Sunday Salon: What I’ve Been Reading Online


Gary Anderson shares 5 Good Ideas for High Schools to Adapt from Elementary School. Yes please!

Christopher Long explores The Art of Live-Tweeting. If we can get funding for our Methods class to go to NCTE this year, we’re definitely going to read this post carefully so that we can do our part to live-tweet the conference.

I love how Christy Rush-Levine turns what might have become a power struggle in a lesser classroom into a great moment for praising student voice. Check out her post on what happens when a student writes in his notebook about how much he hates her class.

Carrie Gelson shares 20 things she has learned in her nearly twenty years in the classroom: 20 Years, 20 Things. I really loved this post!

YA author Malinda Lo examines diversity on the ALA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults list.

I am loving Ellie Herman’s blog, Gatsby in LA. Herman visits and observes the classrooms of excellent English teachers around L.A.  Every post is great, but I’m especially fascinated by Dennis Danziger’s classroom. Can you imagine teaching 50+ students per class? Danziger has so many students in his classes that students have to rotate use of desks because there aren’t enough. That’s DISGRACEFUL!

Interested in enrolling in a MOOC? Here’s a complete list.

I agree with Ruth Ayres that little things matter.

The 21st-Century Principal shares 5 Obsolete Practices and Ways of Doing School We Need to Abandon.

I really miss Heavy Medal when it’s on hiatus. So glad they’re back and blogging about possible Newbery titles.

The exploitation of adjunct labor has been in the news this week. Philip Nel’s blog post is one of the best I’ve read on the issue.

I want this book about Julia Child so badly.

I’m kind of intrigued by the Century of Books challenge, though it’s nothing that I want to tackle right now.

One response to “Sunday Salon: What I’ve Been Reading Online”

  1. Thanks so much for reading my blog! I’m really glad you enjoy it. This week I’m going to be talking about two more very crowded classrooms, one in an honors-track AP class and one in a very low-income community in South Central Los Angeles. One of them works fine–the other doesn’t. I’m going to try to figure out why. Again, thank you so much for following and recommending! I very much enjoy your book recommendations and hope to find time one of these days to read some of them!

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