Sunday Salon: What I’ve Been Reading Online


Sarah Lahm has a thoughtful post about why she opted her kids out of the MAP test. I believe more parents would opt out if they understood how pointless this (and so many other!) standardized test is.

Ellie Herman continues to post some of the best writing about teaching that I’ve ever read: “The Kid I Didn’t Kill”  is a must read.

I might include Jacob Sokol’s post about 12 Things Happy People Do Differently on the syllabus for one of my courses next semester.

So many good novels on Thomas’s list of his top 80 favorite books by women.

The weirdest post I read this week is definitely Crochetdermy.

Valerie Geschwind shares how she uses writing workshop with her kindergartners.

I love Pernille Ripp’s advice to Choose Kind Even When You Want Change.

Justin Tarte shared some excellent slides on the differences between formative and summative assessment in a post on “Assessing for Learning.”

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