This morning, my oldest son, the reluctant reader, accosted me with the Scholastic Book Flyer he brought home from school yesterday–TO SHOW ME BOOKS HE WANTS ME TO BUY FOR HIM.

Now this isn’t the first time he has requested “items” from the book flyer. Last year, he would pour over it, looking for whatever books came with toys, tiny action figures, flashlights, “X-Ray Goggles,” whatever. Then he asked for the book that came with the most awesome something extra. When the book arrived, he tossed it into the nearest bin without even looking at it and headed off with his toy.

But this time, he has selected THREE BOOKS–not one of which comes with a toy–that he wants me to buy because HE WANTS ME TO READ THEM TO HIM. 

So I am calling the Summer Un-reading Program a giant success! 

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