Sunday Salon: Weekly Links


I’ll be sharing this Brief Interview with Junot Diaz in my Contemporary Lit course next semester (we’ll be reading and discussing his wonderful collection, This Is How You Lose Her.)

Grant Wiggins has a detailed post with advice from students on how teachers can avoid boring classes.

I was fascinated by this post by a homeschooling parent who uses NaNoWriMo as part of her children’s English curriculum.

Book Hounds is a touching post about reading therapy dogs.

“The Inquiry Dilemma in Our Schools” is an important post about why teachers resist implementing changes that are supported by research.

A Writing Lesson with Lynda Barry!

Green Bean Teen Queen has a few recommendations for those who want to read middle-grade fiction. (Clementine is on the list! How I love Clementine!)

I don’t even have words for how much I love this letter two parents wrote to their local school district when they decided to remove their second-grade son from school in order to homeschool him. I could say so many of these things about my own sons’ experiences in school.

I just discovered this Creativity Matters website with ideas for kids and creativity. Can’t wait to explore.

Tim Parks has a thoughtful piece about the traditional novel.

This review of Julia Child’s My Life in France really makes me want to read the book.

It may be stupid and badly photo-shopped, but Sports Balls Replaced with Cats is still oddly compelling.

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