It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 11/11/13



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I barely read anything this past week. I was attending #OpenEd13, the annual Open Education Conference, in Park City, Utah (very beautiful location!), and since there was a large group from my institution at this conference, we also had many meetings scheduled for us to attend outside of conference hours. I was booked from 7:30 a.m. until 8:00 pm nearly every day, plus I am doing #NaNoWriMo this month. I was pleased that I managed to write in my notebook each day, complete my daily word count for #NaNoWriMo more or less, and also find some time to sleep.

I did do plenty of online reading and linked to what I found most interesting in my Sunday Salon post.

Otherwise, my reading was limited to one thing:

 after friday night lights

Buzz Bissinger’s After Friday Night Lights, available as a Kindle single, shares what happened to Bissinger and to the protagonist of the most compelling and disturbing storyline in Friday Night Lights, Boobie Miles, in the twenty-plus years since the book’s publication. While he was researching and writing his bestselling book about high school football in Odessa, Texas, Bissinger and Miles strike up what Bissinger himself calls an unlikely friendship, one that often seems more like a father-son relationship than anything else. They’ve been part of each other’s lives ever since. I started reading After Friday Night Lights because I was curious about what happened to Miles, and I also enjoyed Bissinger’s father-son road trip memoir, Father’s Day. In After Friday Night Lights, Bissinger returns to Texas and spends some time visiting Miles. There is a road-trip kind of feel to the narrative. But the story surprised me by being about something more than simply updating the reader about what happened next to Miles. After Friday Night Lights is an elegant rumination on early success and the impossibility of ever measuring up with later efforts.

And that’s it! I didn’t read a single picture book this week. Didn’t finish any kids’ books. Didn’t finish my current YA read. Didn’t listen to my audiobook. So this is a very un-kidlit contribution to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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  1. LOL, I almost sent you a text to let you know I was changing the look so you wouldn’t freak out! I definitely like the clean & streamlined look. But mostly I was just sick of that header photo! It’s pretty but has nothing to do with my blog!

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