Sunday Salon: Weekly Links

Sunday Salon: Weekly Links

Sunday Salon


If you’re looking for some YA recommendations, Courtney Summers has a long list full of variety.  And if that’s not enough for you, check out Novel Novice’s year-end best of 2013 list.

Jimmy Casas has a wonderful post about not giving up on students. We can always do a little bit more, and sometimes that little bit will make all the difference.

Tammy at Assessment in Perspective reminds us that a lot of hard work goes into how naturally talented good teachers look to others.

Pernille Ripp has a must-read post about what her students taught her about reading and teaching reading.

Vicki Vinton’s final wrap-up about NCTE focuses on what happens when teachers trust their students, let go of control, and invite their students to do important work. She also introduced me to this artist’s blog and I’m totally fascinated by the post about Collaborating with a 4-Yr-Old.

I’m  reading more Poetry Friday posts to reach my #nerdlution (reading more poetry), and I really loved the Grace Paley poem shared at A Teaching Life.

Ruth Ayres has a post about what poetry has taught her that fits nicely with my #nerdlution too.

Empathic Teacher’s post on class discussions has some ideas I’d like to try to incorporate into my classes next semester.

Ready to Flip a Coin is a new blog by a 5th-grade teacher that I’ve added to my blog feed.

I liked Susan Harwood Rubin’s post on The Yoga of Writing: she suggests writing for 5 minutes, right now.

Elizabeth Wein, the author of my favorite book of the past year, Code Name Verity, writes about what she loved to read when she was a teenager.

Bud the Teacher writes about the importance of letting people choose the right tool for the job–and sometimes that means paper.

Jillian Heise has a thought-provoking post about trusting our teaching instincts. Love this so much!


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