Sunday Salon: Weekly Links 12/22/13

Sunday Salon: Weekly Links 12/22/13

Sunday Salon

I really like Vicki Vinton’s blog, To Make a Prairie, and I really really liked this post with an invitation to her readers to make poetry collages. My #nerdlution is to read more poetry, and I love the idea of selecting a favorite poem each week and creating some kind of art with it. So I am most definitely in.

My new favorite blog is The Busy Mockingbird, and I am currently obsessed with this post about How We Doodle.

HeavenAli sums up her Pymish year, which sounds utterly delightful and makes me want to reread several Pyms.

Todd Nesloney wrote a wonderful post about working with challenging students, Please Don’t Give Up on Me.

Just came across this older post with Four Prompts That Get Students to Analyze, Reflect, Relate, and Question.

Maha Bali has a thoughtful post about teaching outside our comfort zones: We Are Nerds. So how do we reach our students?

Wondering what books are winning Mock Newbery events this year? Sturdy for Common Things has a lovely infographic. Looks like I really need to read Doll Bones!

I plan to participate in Latin@s in Kid Lit’s 2014 reading challenge: Read more Latino/a Lit! The goal is one book per month, and they link to plenty of great resources to get you started.

Ann Marie Corgill’s guest post on Kirby Larson’s blog is a lovely meditation on the need to slow down in the classroom.

Largehearted Boy has the biggest best of books master list I’ve ever seen.

Pernille Ripps wonders, Are Boys Welcome In Your Room?, and has some great tips for making our classrooms more boy-friendly.

I totally missed this in February, but artist Hilary Leung posts his Top 28 Picture Books–in Legos.

I enjoyed the two poems by Carol Ann Duffy that Myra shared–as well as her technique for photographing and sharing them.

Are you a writer? Do you want a free house in Detroit? This is just totally awesome.

A sane post about the Common Core State Standards: Read the CCSS like an English teacher.

Thought-provoking post on how academics work and whether social media can be considered part of our work.

Sarah Mulhern Gross shares how she uses Twitter in her classroom–can’t wait to try some of these ideas next semester!

4 responses to “Sunday Salon: Weekly Links 12/22/13”

  1. I looove what you have just done. It is a good way to reflect on what you have recently been reading, and share it with others. It shows your generosity in both informing readers of useful material out there, and also helping authors reach wider audiences. I think I will mimick your style occasionally when I get a chance! Love what you’ve done!

    • Thank you! I love putting together this post each week. I read so much online and it’s so easy to forget all that I’ve read–collecting the weekly links is a chance to revisit and reflect. I was happy to discover your blog this week and add it to my feed. I’m looking forward to learning from you!

  2. Reblogged this on Reflecting Allowed and commented:
    I really liked this blog entry: as I posted to Elizabeth in the comments,it shows generosity to readers (providing them with an annotate list of good articles) and generosity to writers (helping them improve their reach and reach new audiences). I think I will try to do similar posts and share with colleagues at work for professional development. It’ll also help me choose the most significant and relevant things I’ve read all week and annotate them for the future. Thanks for the insiration

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