5 Things I Loved About Last Week 12/28/13 #Celebratelu

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This hasn’t felt like the most celebratory week: I came down with the flu ON CHRISTMAS DAY and have been so wiped out THAT I HAVEN’T EVEN FELT LIKE READING. Or blogging. Or doing anything. But there was still plenty to celebrate this week!

1. We survived Christmas! Holidays are a huge, huge trigger for my two kids, and they’ve both struggled with big feelings over the past week.  We made a couple of very smart decisions on Christmas that helped keep the day calm and pleasant for everyone: grandparents came at separate times, and boys opened presents separately. My older son had one brief meltdown on Christmas day, but he CHOSE to write about what was bothering him. MAJOR THERAPEUTIC PARENTING WIN! Not surprisingly, he felt much better after he’d written about his feelings.

2. My older son took great delight in opening his presents. Now, I know kids in general take great delight in opening presents. But presents are hard for T. This was the first holiday where he has been able to enjoy himself. And some of his most excited reactions were for BOOKS, which warmed my heart. My regular readers know how much he struggles with reading and how very many hours I have put into trying to turn him into an ardent reader. He yelled and squealed when he opened a new Big Nate book and the Fortune Wookie book. I did snap the surprise on his face when he was opening the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, which, like the self-sacrificing and dutiful mom I am, I started reading to him the very next day, even though I can barely talk. (I loathe Greg Heffley and all associated with him.)

opening books tandpresents tandsocks

He loves to dress like a rainbow exploded all over him, and some of his Christmas presents from grandparents helped him out quite a bit. The day after Christmas, he wore the pink socks, the red pants, and the neon orange shirt all together. It was very bright and cheerful.

3. There were opportunities for some silly cat pictures. It turns out that cats look even more beautiful when they’re sitting in a pile of colored wrapping paper. Toy mice are also especially tricky in piles of wrapping paper.

franceswithmouse ferguswithmouse

4. Many books were given and received. We had a mini bookstore going on in this house. Everybody got books! I wish I’d taken photos of my mother’s and mother-in-law’s stacks. I had great pleasure in selecting books for them. They both have very different tastes as readers, and it was fun to try to choose books just for them. I also got a glorious stack of books from my mom, for whom Christmas shopping is an extreme sport. I can’t wait until I feel well enough to read and read and read. Here’s my Christmas book haul:


5. I got a course mapped out! I felt pretty heroic putting together the Contemporary Lit course I’ll be teaching next semester while sick with the flu. We’re going to be reading lots of short stories and doing lots of different things on Twitter and drawing cartoons and writing flash fiction and a whole lot of other stuff that doesn’t look anything like the literature courses I took in school. Yay!

6 responses to “5 Things I Loved About Last Week 12/28/13 #Celebratelu”

  1. Are you sure you really have been sick? I mean, I am not sure I would have accomplished this much even without the flu! Your book stacks are amazing! I think I need to get some books for me as none came for Christmas. I hope you are feeling better soon! Happy reading!

  2. In spite of the flu, you managed quite a few holiday celebrations and got quite a book stack for Christmas! Glad it went well all around. I’d love to hear more about that class!

  3. The pile of books looks inviting. Sorry to hear about your flu. I am glad you are feeling better to be able to celebrate. I bet the course you outlined is going to be fun both for you and the students. Enjoy the last three days of 2013 and Happy 2014!

  4. Hope you’re feeling much better now! I would be interested to know more about how you are using Twitter in your class–I’m putting together a Children’s Literature course for this next semester, and would love to use Twitter more. Sounds like you have a fabulous class in the works!

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