Several members of my nerdy PLN have been inspired by Carrie’s #MustReadin2014 list and created their own. Check out Linda’s list at Teacher Dance and Lorna’s list at Not for Lunch, though be warned: these lists are dangerous for your own TBR list! Like you don’t already have enough to read!

I already wrote about my reading goals for 2014 and included a partial list of my YA Shelf of Shame, and I am determined to read 12 books from that list. Markus Zusak, M.T. Anderson, 2014 is your year!

But the #MustReadin2014 list is a little different for me. Unlike the YA Shelf of Shame challenge, or the Newbery challenge, or the Caldecott challenge, #MustReadin2014 is all about books I really want to read. I didn’t allow myself to put a single “should” title on the list. With a couple of exceptions for books I know I can get at the library, this is a challenge that I will use to attack the ever-growing TBR pile of books I’ve bought in the past 12 months and haven’t read yet, even though I wanted to read them so badly that I had to buy them in hardcover, sometimes pre-ordering before they were even released. 

raven boysboy 21days of blood and starlight  fangirldoll bonesjumping off swings

yaqui delgadoliving with jackie chan september girls

escape from rump rose under fire countings by 7sforgive meask the passengers

17 thoughts on “#MustReadin2014

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  2. This is a wonderful list – Counting by 7s, Ask the Passengers, Rump and the Jo Knowles titles are all books I have LOVED. Some of these titles are on my list too – like Fangirl that I just finished (WOW!) Will be anxiously awaiting what you think of this Laini Taylor title. Read the first and still deciding whether I’m going to jump into the series or not.

    • I am very pleased with the list–all stuff I really, really want to read! So glad you tweeted about finishing & loving Fangirl. I was stuck in my car waiting and bored by the book I was reading so was checking Twitter and saw your tweet–and realized I had already purchased Fangirl for my Kindle. So I downloaded the app and happily read a couple of chapters sitting there. A reading win!

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