5 Things I Loved about This Week: 1/4/14 #Celebratelu

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1. The week is over! Is that an okay thing to celebrate? We’ve had a verrrry long winter break here, and I’m so ready for the kids to be back in school! I LOVE school!

2. Awesome book covers that make kids want to read!

doll bones

My older son saw Doll Bones sitting on the table–I was just about to start reading it. He picked it up and examined the cover carefully, then made a wistful comment about how “this looks really good but it isn’t a book for kids.” Oh but it is! I assured him. In fact, it’s about kids your age.  And then he asked if I could read it to him as our next read-aloud. Yay! We just started it last night, and though it’s hard for him to focus on a book with almost no pictures, he seems to be following the story.

3. We discovered K’nex! Thanks, Santa! T. got his first roller coaster built this week, and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty awesome.


Right now, it’s living in the bathroom with the door closed because it turns out that cats really like K’nex too.

ferg and flower

At one point, three of them were trying to get to the little car as it raced around the track. I am very grateful to have discovered something challenging for my kids to build–and something that’s cheaper than Legos!

4. Reading time! And enough good health to enjoy it. I have felt better this week and have celebrated by doing lots of reading. Fergus helped.

fergus reading

5. Pale Male and urban hawks everywhere! Last night, I read Jeannette Winter’s The Tale of Pale Male to T. and we were full of questions about Pale Male after we finished reading it. The Internet came to the rescue.

pale male Photo CC-BY James Castle

I was able to show T. hundreds of photos and a few videos of Pale Male and his different mates. And we discovered these wonderful photos of Pale Male taken on January 1! T’s mind was totally boggled by the idea that here were photos taken just two days ago of this bird we were reading about. I had no idea Pale Male was still alive and well, so it was a lovely, heart-warming end to my day. 

8 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved about This Week: 1/4/14 #Celebratelu

  1. I am very ready to get back to a regular routine on Monday for sure. My son got his first Knex roller coaster. Ours is in the dining room as we have not cats. I am reading Doll Bones to my class right now and they are loving it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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