It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/27/14 #imwayr


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This week on my blog:

As for reading:

daughter of smoke and bone

I finished my audio book re-read of Laini Taylor’s lush, evocative Daughter of Smoke and Bone and immediately started the second book in the trilogy–though I discovered that I can’t read it before bed because I don’t want to turn out the light and end up staying up way too late reading. So. I have to ration my reading to daytime hours only.

elephant scientist

Caitlin O’Connor and Donna Jackson’s The Elephant Scientist was informative and interesting. Definitely made me want to get some more books about elephants to read. Thinking I might try to read all of the Scientists in the Field books this year. I am a wee bit obsessed.

ramona quimby age 8

My younger son and I just finished reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 aloud. The Ramona books were my favorite books as a child, and they hold up beautifully for the next generation! I couldn’t resist this older cover image. I think it’s unfortunate that the most recent reprint features such pastel covers.

how the dinosaur

I liked Jessie Hartland’s art in How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum, but this didn’t work for me as a cumulative story. I started skipping the repeating job titles after a few pages, much to my older son’s relief. My in-laws dig for dinosaur bones in Wyoming, and they always have some new great find to show off when we visit them. This weekend, it was a triceratops skull and horn!

emperor penguin

Janet Perlman’s take on the story of the emperor’s new clothes features a vain penguin.

dragons love tacos

I have been eager to read Dragons Love Tacos, which my mom found for us at the library. I liked the art, but found the writing to be a meh. Younger son loved it. Older son bored.

I’m looking forward to seeing what others have been reading this week!

15 responses to “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/27/14 #imwayr”

  1. Some picture book weeks are like that, even in Australia. Funny how we can have a good run and then a bunch that disappoint. Oooh, a Scientist in the Field book about elephants! Cool!

    • I haven’t been able to get to the library in a week, so we’ve been reading titles that my mom has gotten for us by the very scientific method of grabbing a big armful of books from a randomly selected letter of the alphabet!

  2. Oh, that Ramona cover is just the best. She does hold up well, the true mark of a great writer. So glad to see the Scientsts in the Field book – I have as many as I can buy for my class, hey are wonderful nonfiction books.

  3. Dragons Love Tacos is a great book. I read your thoughts on the ALA awards and found it very interesting. I am never really award of an author’s “ethnicity” unless I look them up of if I know some of their work so I had never really thought about this.

  4. So many good titles! Ramona Quimby is love, love, love. She’s such a character and the series is absolutely wonderful. I am intrigued about The Elephant Scientist. Sounds interesting! =)

    • Have you read any other Scientist in the Field books? I didn’t think Elephant Scientist was quite as interesting as two other titles I read recently, Eruption and Tapir Scientist. But I still found it informative.

      • I have not. The cover caught my attention. Thanks for sharing the other Scientist titles!

  5. I continue to discover more and more diverse authors who offer new points of view, which is exactly what our students need to see and discuss. Reading blogs from other countries does offer new authors, & so many times I can still find the books at my library-Denver has a fine array of books! I liked the Dinosaur/Museum book, but it is now in our day trip office, helping students learn individually how museums curate, so I had a real purpose for it. Thanks for sharing your opinions!

    • I miss the Denver library! When my mom lived in Denver, I came to visit every couple of months and used her library card! It’s a wonderful library system. I’m intrigued by the other book I saw by the same author–How the Sphinx Got to the Museum.

  6. Dragons love Tacos is an interesting title. Love the art. The story, when I read it was okay but then when I read it to my students, they thought it was HILARIOUS. And it travelled child to child for weeks. Sometimes kid appeal totally surprises me. Dragons of course are well loved and the whole burning everything down – very funny to little developing humour meters! Daughter of Smoke and Bone . . . just read that in December – have the feeling I might pick up the next title. It is kind of way out there fantasy wise for me but wow, . . .

    • I agree, Carrie: sometimes we aren’t the best judge of kid appeal! My 8 yr old loved this book; my 11 yo seemed bored. 2nd book in the Laini Taylor trilogy is off to a really good start, though it’s a real limitation for me not to be able to read it before bed (because I get too wound up and can’t sleep! I need quiet books before bed!). Hoping to set aside a couple of hours on Saturday just for myself for reading!

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