Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Weekly Reading

Sunday Salon


Julianne has an important post about Making the Writing Box a little bigger for our students. As the parent of a brilliant child who struggles to succeed inside the school box, I wish all teachers would read this.

Were any of my Gentle Readers fans of the Sweet Valley High novels as teens? I was, and I very much enjoyed this post on 10 of the most dramatic Sweet Valley High covers.

My Friend Amy has a helpful post with some information and links to good stories about the upcoming Olympics. I read several of the articles she linked to–highly recommended!

I’ll definitely be assigning this blog post on teacher morale and the higher purposes of education in my Methods courses. Lots to reflect upon here.

I love Colin Bootman’s work, so I was thrilled to see him featured on The Brown Bookshelf.

I learned that I need to plant mildweed to save monarch butterflies!

Alyson Beecher has a great post demystifying the Schneider Family Book Award, one of my favorite ALA awards for children’s and young adult literature.

Rafranz Davis’s post, When You Are the Only Person of Color in the Room, is a must-read.

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