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Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly Celebration on Saturday. Visit her blog to find out what others are celebrating this week.

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This week, I am celebrating 28 Days Later, a special feature at The Brown Bookshelf. Each day in February, The Brown Bookshelf celebrates a different African-American author or illustrator writing for children or teens. Each year, I discover so many interesting new authors and illustrators thanks to this blog (hello, Jason Reynolds!), and I learn more about some of my favorites (Colin Bootman! Zetta Elliott!)

The featured artists and authors describe their journey to publication and share the back story of their recent books. Some of the authors and artists have also been sharing an “under-the-radar” author or illustrator whose work they admire and want to promote, which is a double bonus for a reader like me who is always looking for new voices.

The 28 Days Later archive is also well worth checking out. I especially like this post on Elizabeth Zunon, who illustrated The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, which I recently read to my kids.

10 thoughts on “Celebrate: The Brown Bookshelf #celebratelu

  1. I am also enjoying this month at The Brown Book Shelf. Thanks for posting the link to Elizabeth Zunon’s interview from the past. I read that with my fourth grade students in the fall and liked hearing about her background & the process she used to create the illustrations.

    • Her process was so fascinating to me! I want to reread her book now with my kids and also show them this blog post. My Children’s Lit students also want to learn more about how children’s books are made, so I think I’ll read her book aloud to them and then we can read her post. Thanks for commenting!

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