Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

I have been in a bit of a blogging slump this week. But some online reading may help: GirlXoXo recommended a list of 75 Content Starters for Any Industry and Sacha Chua has compiled some of her work into a No-Excuses Guide to Blogging. I’ll be reading what she has to say about my two favorite excuses, “It takes too much time to write” and “I’m too tired to write.”

Fig and Thistle is planning a Chronicles of Barsetshire Readalong starting in March.

Once again, Pernille Ripp has written a post I wish my children’s teachers would read: Is There Room for Slow Readers in Your Class?

Carrie Mesrobian has a post tackling the vexing problem of readers of YA fiction who “conflate the depiction of any sort of discomforting or unconscionable reality (teenagers using drugs or having sex, use of the word ‘fag,’ discussion of masturbation, parents who turn a blind eye to bad behavior, people who use swear words in daily speech) with author endorsement of such reality.”

Kelly Jensen does a round-up of 16 different awards lists–most definitely something for everybody.

Kate Messner shares photos of a snowy owl she spotted on a drive through Vermont. Just beautiful!

Betsy Devany shares a wonderful story about how her granddaughter was inspired to be compassionate towards animals after reading Kate DiCamillo’s children’s novel, Because of Winn-Dixie.

Christopher Lehman reminds us that “What we make visible in our classrooms, in our schools, even in our lives, shows what we value, what is important, and what we feel and believe.”

I enjoyed A Teaching Life‘s description of Olympics kitten-style. We definitely have a few of these events at our house too!

Celia Perez asks “Why are they always white children?” in children’s books (a great question!) and has practical ideas for publishers, teachers, librarians, and others.

Diversity in YA has a short list of gay romances with happy endings.

Donalyn Miller explains why teachers need to read outside our comfort zones and bless all the reading choices our students make.

I am really loving Kelly Barnhill’s blog, and I think all aspiring artists need to take her advice on creating art: “Make art. Work hard…. And everyone else can suck it.”

The Horn Book has compiled some resources for talking about race in children’s literature.

Zetta Elliott reminds us that black women create comics too and recommends the work of Juliana “Jewels” Smith.

I could so relate to Jennifer Brittin’s post on the desire to apologize to former students. I am really, really sorry, class of 2004! I had no idea what I was doing! Thanks for being nice to me anyway!

Maggie has made an exciting decision about her degree! And Kelsey had an awesome library experience this week.

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