Celebrate: Saturday Morning and My PLN #celebratelu

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Ruth Ayres hosts Celebrate every Saturday.

I love my Saturday mornings. My husband works late on Friday nights and usually sleeps in until 9:30 or 10. My older son is in teenager sleep mode on weekends and would probably sleep all day. And my younger son is happy to stay in his room looking at books until breakfast time. So Saturday mornings are my time.

I have breakfast and settle into a big chair with my favorite cat, Frances, my pitbull, Roxy, and a big cup of coffee. I have my writer’s notebook handy plus a big stack of books. Sometimes I write; sometimes I read. But more often, I curl up with my iPad and catch up on Twitter and blogs in my Feedly reader.

And this morning was especially fine. My Twitter feed was full of fantastic, inspiring words from Penny Kittle’s keynote address at the Dublin Literary Conference in Dublin, Ohio, and fantastic, inspiring, and funny words from Jack Gantos’s address at SCBWI New York. It’s extraordinary to be able to sit in my pajamas in my dining room in South Dakota and learn from conferences taking place a couple of thousand miles away! (Look for #dublit14 and #NY14SCBWI tweets).






6 responses to “Celebrate: Saturday Morning and My PLN #celebratelu”

  1. Ramona Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the hastags from your Sat. morning PLN. I had to back away from Twitter for the school year, but I love going there occasionally. Thanks for the tip. I looked at some of your past posts. Loved the one of the cats!

  2. carriegelson Avatar

    Ahh. Coffee, thoughts and reading in a quiet house. What could be better?

  3. Juliana Ellington Avatar

    I noted that Ramona posted that she loved one of your cat posts. I think it’s time for another.

    So cool when you have time in the early a.m. just for you–for your coffee, your favorite pets, some time with Twitter and blogs that you follow, a little reading, a little writing. This really is something to celebrate!

  4. Linda Baie Avatar

    I love those morning times too. What a nice thing for you, Elisabeth. Happy you had a nice one!

  5. Crystal Brunelle (@librarygrl2) Avatar

    I so appreciate my online PLN. I learn so much from them. Thanks for sharing your morning with us.

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