Sunday Salon: A Round-up of This Week’s Links

Sunday Salon: A Round-up of This Week’s Links

Sunday Salon


My favorite post this week was Pernille Ripp’s “The Kid Who Walked Through My Door Last Night.” Lots of my kids are now nearly 30 years old with children of their own, but they will always be “my kids.”

Cynthia Lord explains why she thinks it’s a good thing when teachers cry reading her books aloud to their students in “The Warmth of a Shared Experience.”


Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom is a collection of essays written by teachers and professors on connected learning in their classrooms, and it’s available as a free download!

Loved these images of cats in medieval manuscripts.

I’ve shared most of Katherine Sokolowski’s students’ favorite picture books with my Children’s Lit class, but I’ll be sure to share the ones they haven’t seen yet. Thanks to Mrs. Sokolowski’s room for the recommendations!

Pernille Ripp shared a personal story about why zero tolerance policies make no sense.

Teen Librarian Toolbox reminds us that teens need adults to provide information about sex, not wrap them in a bubble. Some interesting stats and resources here.

And author A.S. King writes about “quiet censorship,” why some schools are scared to invite her for a school visit, and why her books mean so much to teen readers. A great post!

If you’re interested in reading fairy tales retold, Stacked has got you covered.

Libba Bray will soon no longer be on my YA Shelf of Shame because I’m reading Beauty Queens, and also I discovered her blog this week, which is awesome. She has a moving post on depression that everyone should read.

Philip Nel has an interesting piece in Inside Higher Ed on why academics work so hard. (I agree with pretty much everything he says, but I still don’t find my academic job nearly as energy-intensive or time-consuming as teaching high school English was.)

Who knew you could get free audiobooks online?



With midterm grading, packing for vacation next week, and managing some pretty heavy parenting stuff this week, I needed some of the reminders in The Busy Person’s Guide to Reducing Stress at Zen Habits.

Sunday Salon will be on vacation next Sunday, but I’ll return the week after.

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    • Thanks so much! Sorry my weekly feature was on hiatus yesterday–I was traveling all day and also without Internet all week, so I had no weekly links to post! But I’ll be back next week. I enjoy a chance each week to highlight some of the posts I’ve enjoyed and learned from the most. I’m looking forward to checking out your post–love the title you’ve come up with!

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