Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

Gary Anderson at What’s Not Wrong? shows off his classroom’s Book Graffiti Wall. Wondering if I could get something like this set up in one of the hallways in my building.

I like what Jackie Gerstein has to say about the teacher as “model learner”.

Kristen Swanson’s post about Empowerment is a good follow-up to Gerstein’s post. Think I’ll start handing this one out every time my colleagues complain about “these kids today” and how much they don’t want to learn.

Cite Something shares an interesting article she wrote about Muslims in YA literature.

It’s a list of book lists! In this case, the YA book lists created at Stacked. What a goldmine for readers, teachers, and librarians!

Lauren Myracle has some smart words about book banning.

AJ Juiliani has convinced me that I really need to set a daily writing goal and stick to it.

Crystal’s list of diverse novels in verse features a couple of my favorites, which means I want to read the rest of the list.

I love YA novelist Courtney Summers’s open letter plus book recommendations to Chloe Grace Moretz.

Who doesn’t want to read a heartwarming update on the happy lives Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs now lead? Pit bulls are such Velcro dogs.

Alfie Kohn shares some thoughts (as well as research) on the downside of grit.

Three Teachers Talk share the tech tools they use to make book trailers. I’m definitely adding the making of book trailers to two of my courses next year.

Emily Meixner listed the Top 10 Reasons she can’t stop reading children’s and YA literature.

Mr Teut’s post about sending his first-graders off at the end of the year made me feel good about what we’ve accomplished in Children’s and Adolescent Lit so far this semester. I know I’ve lit the spark of #booklove.

I’ve decided to join Pernille Ripp’s “one thing” challenge and try to improve literate conversations in Children’s Lit and Adolescent Lit. We only have three weeks left of class, but hey, that’s six classes. That’s still a lot of opportunity for literate conversation. I’d also like to figure out why I tend to shy away from book conversation in those classes. I think I haven’t been confident in that part of my teaching, but that’s pretty much all we do in Contemporary Lit class, so I have gotten a lot more experience this semester and feel more comfortable.

GirlXoXo has a terrific list of links to blogging tips. There is most definitely something to meet every blogger’s needs here.

I’m hoping to have some time in the next couple of weeks to poke around at Shiny New Books, a new quarterly online magazine about reading. It focuses on books for grown-ups, and I don’t read a lot of those, but I do like all of the bloggers who are involved.

I also baked these Classic Lemon Bars from Joy the Baker this week, and they were superb.

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