Why They’re Reading More And What They’re Reading

I recently collected a set of check-in letters from the college students in my Children’s Literature class, and students self-report reading a lot more and enjoying reading a lot more in the second half of the semester. I wondered what they believed accounted for the change. Here is what they reported, and I don’t think this list will surprise my regular readers:

  • Finding books I enjoy
  • Figuring out a good place to read
  • Getting a personalized stack of recommendations from the professor
  • Book talks by professor and students
  • Trying out different genres
  • Taking the assignment to read for four hours outside of class more seriously
  • Getting into a routine of going to the library to check out books
  • Having time in class to read

Most popular books:

one and only ivanwonderstitchesone for the murphys


out of my mind

home of bravei'm a frog

 Anything and everything Mo Willems




3 responses to “Why They’re Reading More And What They’re Reading”

  1. I can’t even tell you how awesome it is that you are giving college students time to read IN CLASS. How can we expect them to adopt this best practice if they haven’t lived it? Kudos!

    • Trying hard this semester to incorporate all of those best practices. It makes such a difference when you can experience the power of book talks, reading time, reading community for yourself.

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