Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading 4/20/14

Sunday Salon

In honor of Easter, the winners of the Peeps diorama contest.

And to protest that other time of the year, standardized testing season, a poem from author Kate Messner: “The Author’s Purpose: A Poem for the Testmakers”. 

Ana has some smart things to say about “the so-called boys’ reading crisis”. Ana’s post also sent me to this post by Saundra Mitchell that really says it all in the final line.

Donalyn Miller reminds us that within the classroom, all teachers are famous to their students. What will your students remember about you and your classroom?

It sounds like Katherine Sokolowski is ready to start working on her book! Hooray!

Just in time for me to begin planning my new Digital Literacy course for fall: Sara Kajder shares her students’ Top Ten Essential Digital Reading Tools.

I’m enjoying reading and learning from George Couros’s “Myths of Technology” series.

I plan to use Gerald Dawson’s idea for providing feedback on student writing in the online Comp 2 class I’m teaching this summer: floss just one tooth.

Three Teachers Talk helped me solve a problem I’m having in one of my classes: I haven’t provided enough shared learning time!

A photographer takes photos of teachers at the end of the school day. Thanks to Beth Shaum for the link to this interesting piece.

I struggle with the same issues Renee Boss writes about in her post, Why I Won’t Make My Child Complete a Word Search Worksheet for Homework. I wish I knew what the solution was.

It was a good day to read John Simmons’s post, How to Measure Success with Reactive Attachment Disorder. But then, most days when you’re parenting kids with attachment issues would be good days to read that post!

You know you want to make these Double Chocolate Chip Cookies from my go-to baking blog, Joy the Baker.

Or what about these Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes?



2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading 4/20/14

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  2. Thanks for the shout out about my blog article on Measuring Success With Reactive Attachment Disorder. We’re all in this together. It’s a shaky boat, but an incredible adventure!

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