Trading Places: Nine Characters and One Author I’d Like to Be for a Day


Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. This week’s topic is the Top Ten Characters Who [Fill In Your Own Blank]. I’m focusing on the top nine characters and one author I’d like to be for a day.


Eugenides in The Thief. Because he’s more clever than anyone else and he also hasn’t lost any body parts yet.

i capture the castle

Cassandra in I Capture the Castle. I would get to live in a crumbling ruin of a castle and fill notebook after notebook with stories of my zany family and flirt with Marc Blucas.

on the banks

Laura Ingalls Wilder in On the Banks of Plum Creek. Because I spent hours as a child imagining dancing on the sod roof of my prairie home with my adorable bulldog Jack looking on.


Paige in Page by Paige. Because sometimes I like to pretend I’m an artist. And red-haired.

daughter of smoke and bone

Karou in Daughter of Smoke & Bone. Because blue hair. And also, who wouldn’t want to live in Laini Taylor’s gorgeous sentences?

brontes went to woolworths

Deirdre in The Brontes Went to Woolworths. Because, unlike Deirdre, I love that kind of novel about a lot of sisters. Also, ghostly appearances by the Brontes! Emily is quite fierce!

chasing cheetahs

Dr. Laurie Marker in Chasing Cheetahs. I knew I wanted to be Dr. Laurie the second I saw the photo of her walking a cheetah on a leash. Oh yeah, it would also be pretty awesome to be able to save my favorite animal from extinction.


Emma Woodhouse, before she has anything much to vex her.

wee free men

Tiffany Aching in The Wee Free Men. Because the frying pan makes a very fine weapon and the Nac Mac Feegles fine and fierce allies.


Sy Montgomery is the author I’d like to be for a day (or ten). I can’t imagine anything better than traveling around the world, learning from amazing scientists, and then writing to share your learning with others. Also, she’s holding a chicken in this picture, and I really love chickens.

4 thoughts on “Trading Places: Nine Characters and One Author I’d Like to Be for a Day

  1. Loved reading this post Elisabeth! I agree about Sy Montgomery. I think that she and Nic Bishop have had some AMAZING adventures and must be all kinds of brilliant! I can’t wait to read Chasing Cheetahs. Think I might need to order this one asap.

    • You’re going to love Chasing Cheetahs–it’s wonderful! I just started their Kakapo Rescue last night and have a new obsession. I regaled my husband with kakapo facts last night and made him look at lots of photos of the kakapo online (sadly, I left the book in my office yesterday–will be retrieving today and probably finishing tonight. SO good!)

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