What to Read After John Green #yalitclass

john green books

Several students in my Adolescent Literature course have a dilemma: they’ve discovered a new favorite author, and in just four short months, they’ve already read all of his books. And now what? Summer reading plans beckon, yet there is no more John Green to be found.

Luckily, there is no reason to despair while waiting a year or two or three for John Green’s new novel to come out because there is plenty of great reading for the John Green fan.

But first, are you sure you’ve read ALL of John Green’s books?

let it snow

I am actually not a John Green completist, because I still haven’t read Let it Snow. Maybe this summer. What better time of the year than a hot South Dakota summer to read a holiday romance?

He also has short stories in:

geektastic21 promswho done it

But if you are sure you’re a completist, check out books recommended by John Green. Because it turns out that John Green is a #bookpusher4life:

John Green’s Three Favorite Books of 2013

John Green’s Favorite Summer Reads

18 Great Books You Probably Haven’t Read

Nerdfighter Book Recommendations: A Gift Giving Guide for Nerdfightastic Readers

John Green’s recommendations are going to keep you busy for quite awhile. But once you run out of John Green-sanctioned books to read, the Internet has got you covered. Check out:

Edited to add: Molly Wetta has put together a terrific post, “Beyond ‘Green’ Lit: Books for Fans of John Green.”

Now get busy making those summer reading plans!

2 responses to “What to Read After John Green #yalitclass”

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. Now I do not have to wonder what I should read after I have read every book John Green has written. I also found this link http://bit.ly/1kAvWmZ from John Green’s Tumblr site. I thought you might enjoy. Again Thank you for your post!

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