Top Ten Book Covers I Want to Hang on the Wall

Top Ten Book Covers I Want to Hang on the Wall


Fun topic for Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Cover I’d Frame as Pieces of Art. As I was researching this post, I wanted to feature my favorite illustrators, but I have to say, sometimes book covers don’t adequately convey the delights and wonders to be found inside. Often, the book cover isn’t the strongest image in the book, which I hadn’t considered before and now find quite interesting. It makes sense: if the book cover featured the best image, there might not be enough to marvel at and discover inside the book. Still, it made putting this post together a little more challenging than I expected it to be.

For instance, Sophie Blackall was the first illustrator who came to mind, because I love her work. But this is hardly very inspiring, is it?

missed connections

I mean, it works just fine, but it doesn’t suggest the riches within:


That I want to frame.

Even when the cover is a really good one, it may not be the image I’d want to look at every day.

matchbox diary

This is the one I would want hanging on my wall:


Still, I had to choose, and this is what I came up with:

virginia wolf

heart and soulmr gaugin's heartnasreddinezen ghostsblue chicken

mermaid and showwe need a horse

lion and mouse

And finally:


The E is actually my least favorite of the Penguin Drop caps series, but I collect E’s and I love the design of these books. I’d frame every one of the letters!

penguin drop caps


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