5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 5/17/14

celebrate link up

Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly celebration on her blog. I appreciate this invitation to reflect on the positives of my week.

1. Even though the soccer season means some incredibly long drives to get to games, I am sorry it’s over. I love watching my son play, and we have seen a real transformation in him this spring. He has always been the best player on the field, but the mental part of sports can be hard for him. The part where you have to keep playing after you miss an open shot or after the ball gets stolen from you. The stress of that, previously, has been too much for him. But not this season. This season, we saw not just consistent effort from the beginning of a game to the end, but even harder effort from him after some kind of adversity. Amazing!!


2. The drive to Thursday’s game took us through Custer State Park, where we saw dozens of bison, prairie dogs, deer, antelope, and the sighting of the season: THE ELK HERD!!!! 


I know you can’t tell what the heck those animals are, so just trust me when I tell you it’s a herd of females and youngsters. It’s really rare to get to see them–and even more rare to see them so close to the road. (My son snapped this photo–in mood mode, apparently, which would explain the black and white.) I love where I live so very much.

3. I finished one writer’s notebook this week and started a new one. It took me five months to finish my last notebook, which tells me that I’m not writing consistently enough. I’ve decided to do a 30-day challenge–at least 10 minutes of writing a day in my notebook. I’m 4/4 so far. I love starting a new notebook: all those blank pages seem so full of possibilities.

4. I started a new feature on my blog, Blogs I Can’t Do Without. I chose Carrie Gelson’s There’s a Book for That for the inaugural post, and I really enjoyed thinking about why Carrie’s work is important to me and my learning. It also felt good to celebrate and acknowledge her on my blog. I was touched that she was so touched by the gesture, and it made me think about other ways I might celebrate and thank the people who are important to me.


perfect bestfrancesI mean, really. Could she BE any cuter? (She was using her big mitten paws to drink out of my cup just moments after I snapped this photo.)


9 responses to “5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 5/17/14”

    • She does have very amusing toes. Only they’re not so amusing when we’re trying to trim her claws and she shrieks and screams like a banshee and tries to get away. She is doing a three-legged run across the carpets right now because one of her extra toenails keeps getting hooked, but she threw such a fit when I tried to trim it this morning that I had to put her down. Will try again later….

  1. Truly, truly honoured! I will say it again. Thank you. An elk herd! Wow. Can’t even imagine how amazing that would be – those long drives are worth it!

  2. Your soccer celebration reminded me that I loved hearing my children playing soccer in the backyard yesterday. My son is home from college (20) and my daughter (16) never plays, but there they were passing the ball back and forth. It is awesome to see your children learning through a sport.

  3. I really enjoyed reading what you loved about your week! Such wonderful things to celebrate!

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