Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading 5/25/14

Sunday Salon

My favorite read of the week was this New York Times Magazine article on treating post-traumatic stress disorder. My older son is diagnosed with PTSD, and it’s very clear that his trauma resides in his body as much as or more than his mind. Everything in this article made sense to me.

Anne Lamott’s words on perfectionism and creative priorities are a must-read for writers and artists.

Rice University’s new quarterback committed to Rice in part because they recruited him by sending a letter to his cat.

I have no idea why Rolling Stone decided they should publish a list of the 40 Best YA Novels, but I’m glad they did: they’ve come up with a terrific and interesting list. (I will freely admit to admiring it all the more because my own personal #1 and #2 are THEIR #1 and #2 too!) Bonus: every book on the list really is YA! No children’s literature here! And double bonus: there are a couple of books I’ve never so much as heard of. I like a list that gives me something to aspire to.

Speaking of YA book lists, Flavorwire has 15 Teen Feminist Books Everyone Should Read and Book Riot has 30 Diverse Titles to Get on Your YA Radar.

Karen at Teen Librarian Toolbox has decided to do the world a favor and help all those reporters who are suddenly writing uninformed articles about YA Lit.

Anne Ursu’s response to the current media story of “John Green creates/saves YA” is an important read.

Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye, was removed from an AP Literature classroom in North Bend. Thoughtful responses by students, parents, and the teacher make this a book challenge worth reading more about. Link via Bookshelves of Doom

I may have a new obsession: online noise generators. Readers, did you know that you can have the sounds of a coffee shop playing in the background on your computer while you sit alone in your living room? This may be life-changing for me.

Gary Anderson at What’s Not Wrong? shares the journal topics he uses in his classroom. There are some really great prompts here.

Pernile Ripp shares some tips for engaging our strongest readers.

Mental Floss compiled a list of 12 Charming Tidbits about one of my favorite children’s authors, Beverly Cleary. My favorite? She loved cats!

Jerry Craft describes his journey to self-publication at The Brown Bookshelf. I think my son would enjoy his book about bullies.

Mitali Perkins shares five of her favorite books featuring diverse characters.

I am most definitely doing the #bookaday challenge this summer.

5 responses to “Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading 5/25/14”

  1. When I am working on homework, I frequently turn on the TV really low just to have some background noise. Who knew that I could find relaxing sounds online? I have been playing with the various sites that you listed and bookmarked two for future use. To think that I thought I would just learn about adolescent literature in this class, and I am learning so much more. Awesome!!!!

  2. So many interesting articles to link to and read!!! Of course, I’m a sucker for a cat story, so I loved that a tough quarterback-to-be-recruited was captured by the whimsy of a letter to his cat from Rice University. I also ended up spending many reading minutes on the Anne Lamott article and then other things on Brain Pickings.

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