Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading

Sunday SalonMy favorite post this week was K. Renae P’s Teaching: A Love Story.

These “then and now” D-Day photos juxtaposing a black-and-white image from D-Day with a color photo of the space today are so fascinating.

Cartoonist Bob Eckstein did sketches of bookstores around New York. The anecdotes he shares about each store shouldn’t be missed.

I can’t remember where I found a link to the The Slow Paparazzo Tumblr this week, but I’m finding it hilarious in small doses.

I’ve been trying to figure out which of my fall courses could be used to incorporate 20% time. A.J. Juiliani has a helpful beginner’s guide.

Justin Tarte shares his Top 10 Education Blogs to Follow This Summer.

Reading middle grade? Betsy Bird shares the best underrated middle-grade titles. I have read a grand total of one book on this list, so I have a lot of excellent reading ahead of me!

Leigh Anne has a terrific post on 5 things she learned from her classroom library.

I try never to meet authors anymore because I can only say awkward things. Amanda Nelson’s post assures me I’m not alone in the awkward.


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