Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

I’m excited to poke around on this new-to-me website, The Kid Should See This, which posts videos of curiosities and wonders that weren’t specifically made for kids but are great to share with them.

Beverly Cleary’s Ramona Quimby books were possibly my favorite childhood reads. This essay reflecting on the ways that the series is different and richer as an adult rereading the books captured so much of what I am enjoying about reading these books now with my younger son.

Authors and illustrators shared their summer reading plans with SLJ.

Whitney Kelly reflects on how she builds trust in her classroom.

Empathic Teacher explains why she doesn’t need to use reading quizzes to know if her students are reading.

Why didn’t I know Kelly Jensen has a Tumblr??

I’ve read a lot of articles this week about the Ed O’Bannon trial (the NCAA anti-trust lawsuit), and this piece by Stewart Mandel really humanizes the story.

I have often wondered why some websites seem to get such nasty comments posted at them. The Site Builder explains that it’s all about the culture created by the site.

The Nerdy Teacher asks if 20% time was a failure this year after receiving a small number of comments on student evaluations claiming it was a waste of time. The comments thread is especially interesting. I think Oliver Schinkten really nails the meaning behind the evaluations.

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