Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

YA novelist Courtney Summers’s wise words about setting the bar low helped me find the motivation sit down and write twice this week.

Joanna Roddy shares Writing Prompts for Getting Unstuck.

As part of her writing ritual, Erin Bow rewards herself with stickers when she writes.

Betsy Bird’s 2015 Newbery and Caldecott Predictions list is out. I need to get reading!

Etale explores The Power of Mission Thinking in Your Life and Work.

One new teaching blog I’ve really been enjoying is Crawling Out of the Classroom. She reflects on her student evaluations in Asking for Feedback and shares a few teaching and learning goals in Accountability.

Shari’s post sharing five reasons she blogs might convince you to start blogging too.

And if you are thinking about starting a teaching blog, check out Matt Davis’s article at Edutopia.

Molly Shield’s Week 1 how to be make for #CLMOOC is How To Be a Maker.

Katherine Sokolowski’s post helped me understand why teachers might be attached to the AR program but also explains clearly and persuasively why it’s not necessary.

Lea Kelley explains why she broke up with Amazon.

George Couros’s heartfelt post about his dog, Goodbye Sweet Girl, will probably make you cry.

But then the photos in 25 Cats Napping in Places That Don’t Even Seem Possible will lighten your mood.

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