Top Ten Blogging Confessions



Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and Bookish. This week’s topic? Blogging confessions.

1. I don’t track stats. I have no idea how many followers I have, how many page views, how many anything. I do know which of my posts has the most views of all time, but that’s only because the post got shared so many times on Twitter. If I hadn’t seen the favorites and retweets coming in, I wouldn’t know that either.

2. I never tag the names of authors and illustrators and books that I write about. On purpose. Because it freaks me out just a little bit when authors and illustrators I write about actually READ what I write about them. So I try to make it a little bit harder for them to find my posts. I’m torn about this, because it’s also a bit thrilling when an author comments on my blog or tweets my post. But the panic (“What did I write? Was it positive? Did I fangirl too much? Should I be embarrassed?”) overwhelms the thrill for me, most of the time.

3. It’s nice AND scary when a blog post gets a lot of attention.  I expect to have about 10 people reading my blog regularly. When 500 people read a post, that’s pretty crazy.

4. I hate writing book reviews. I’m ashamed to say that the negative ones are a lot easier to write than the positive ones. (My regular readers know my propensity to grunt rather than articulately express my thoughts when I really love a book.) I mostly only read books I love these days, thanks to my nerdy PLN, which could make for a lot of incoherent blogging. The It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? posts are a perfect way for me to share my reading life, since I rarely write more than a couple of sentences about each book. The only books I review at length are professional development books, and those reviews take FOREVER to write.

5. I almost never read long reviews of books. I follow a couple hundred book blogs but rarely read more than the first couple of lines of a long book review. I know those reviews take a long time to write, and I feel bad for not reading them. But book reviews are often really boring to me.

6. I have the same goal every single week–blog daily–and I never, ever reach it.  I really want to start blogging in advance and scheduling posts. The one time I managed to blog daily (back in the fall), it was because I took a couple of chunks of time each week to draft posts and schedule them.

7. Writing a post takes me way too long. I have dozens of ideas for posts I want to write as well as dozens of unfinished drafts that I can’t seem to get to a finished state. Last week, I spent four hours working on a post to publish on Thursday and then I ended up mostly scrapping what I’d written and starting over. Four hours. On a blog post. That I then didn’t finish or publish. Seriously?

8. I’m worried about what my son is going to think if he ever reads my blog. My son wanted to Google me last weekend. I have never Googled myself, because you know what? I really don’t want to know. Luckily, what my son really wanted to know was what images come up when he Googles me. A few photos of me. A photo of a book I co-wrote. And some photos of our cats. Pretty mild stuff. But one of these days, he’s going to care about the words I publish too. I write about him all the time on this blog, because this is a blog about reading, teaching, writing, learning, and my son is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. But how is he going to feel about reading my perspective on his learning struggles? And knowing that everyone else in the world can also read about them? Is he going to appreciate the couple of posts I’ve written about parenting him? They were written with great love, but that may not be how he views it.

9. I try to respond to every comment I receive on my blog, but occasionally I forget and then it seems weird to go back a week later and comment.

10. I’ve only received one negative comment on my blog, which I chose not to publish. I wanted to write a whole blog post addressed to the author of that comment, but then the moment passed and it didn’t seem so relevant anymore. Now I think I should have just published the comment.

8 responses to “Top Ten Blogging Confessions”

  1. I love your confessions and am completely with you on book reviews. I hate writing them. When I do, it is more about my experience reading the book than the book itself. Can’t read long reviews – usually read the first and last paragraph. This was fun to read. 🙂

    • And I actually enjoy reading reviews that are more about one reader’s experience of reading the book. When I first started blogging, I thought I was going to be a book blogger. HA! Spending an hour to painfully eke out three crummy sentences about a book cured me of that thought pretty quickly.

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