Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

I think I would be more productive if I followed some of A.J. Juliani’s advice in 5 Ways to Make Your Mornings Matter.

Megan Ginther and Holly Mueller share their Top Ten Ways to Turn Your Classroom into a Hotbed of Enthusiastic Readers. 

Zadie Smith describes what it’s like to be addicted to books.

Many learning reflection posts from #ISTE2014 crossed my Feedly this week. Justin Tarte’s collection of 20 of his tweets from the conference,20 Thoughts from #STE2014, was one of my favorites.

George Couros reminds leaders of the importance of offering emotional leadership and using parts of our lives and stories to lead.

This is a really important post at one of my favorite new blogs, Crawling Out of the Classroom: There Is Nothing Inappropriate About Who I Am.

Children’s book author Allan Ahlberg turns down the Booktrust Best Book Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award because it’s backed by Amazon, which evades British taxes by claiming to ship its products to England from Luxembourg. Awesome!

Book Riot has a terrific post on some especially egregious recent book book challenges: Dear School Boards of America: Have a Backbone. Also, Read Books.

There is an insanely wonderful post about Melissa Sweet’s artwork for Jen Bryant’s new nonfiction picture book at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

Wondering what children’s books you need to buy next? Carrie Gelson has you covered with picture book AND nonfiction picture book wish lists.

Maurice Sendak was incredibly generous in supporting young illustrators, as this post from Wild Things makes clear.

I could never be this organized, but I do love the system Maureen uses to keep her TBR list organized.

I really need this Cookbook Challenge to motivate myself to try some new recipes.

Pernille Ripp explains how she manages her classroom without using punishment.

4 responses to “Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading”

  1. Thank you for linking to the post from Crawling Out of the Classroom. If we want to include everyone we need to do it…always…no matter the age. I am following her blog now. And I will bring up the Parent 1, Parent 2 idea to my school district.

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