5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 8/9/14

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Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly celebration at her blog. I appreciate this invitation to look for the positives in my week. This is what I’m celebrating:

1. Conquering fear. More or less. I have a fear of heights and never imagined that I would suggest doing a ropes course attached to trees, but that’s exactly what I did last weekend. I knew my son would love it, and except for the horrifying swing obstacle, I enjoyed it too and even elected to do a second course when we finished the first! AND I loved ziplining so much that we’re planning another outing in a couple of weeks just to do the zipline! The swing=deeply traumatizing. Ziplining=awesome good fun. There is nothing remotely rational about phobias. Below you can see my pre-swing scowl.


IMG_1622 IMG_1551

2. Building good memories. When your children have emotional or behavioral issues, it can be really challenging to create a lot of happy memories for them. My son struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, so it’s pretty rare that we can plan an outing and actually execute it. He loves to do physical things, he loves to climb, and he loves to take risks, so this outing was a perfect match for his particular interests and personality.


 3. Soccer camp. My son participated in a weeklong morning soccer camp. I thought it would have little benefit for him since there was only one other kid his age, most of the kids were under 8, and his skill set is already so advanced. And it’s true that his skills didn’t improve at all. But he was able to practice something that’s actually much more important than soccer: his skills as a teammate, leader, and coach. I loved watching him with the little kids–picking them up when they fell, giving them high fives and lots of encouragement when they did something that even approximated a soccer move, and patiently showing them the same move over and over again until they (sort of) got it. Another side of him comes out when he’s around little kids.

4. Shopping with my mom. My saintly mother took me to Rapid City to buy me a new purse and then offered to buy me some new clothes as well. I wasn’t planning to get anything new for fall, so it was quite a treat. It’s always fun to run errands with my mom. She even makes Walmart bearable. I’m lucky she lives just two blocks away!

5. Weeding. My garden has been sadly neglected over the past few weeks. I have managed to water when we haven’t had rain (and we’ve had a surprising amount of rain), and I have occasionally weeded here and there, but it’s overgrown and unkempt right now. I got out twice this week and weeded, and I have big plans to “finish” weeding tonight. (My gardener friends will recognize the irony of ever using the words finish and weeding in the same sentence.)

I also had to promise my mother to include some gratuitous cat photos in this blog post, so…. these are for you, Mom!

IMG_1704 IMG_1682 IMG_1374 IMG_1353 IMG_1377 IMG_1168 IMG_1711






12 responses to “5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 8/9/14”

  1. loraleebain Avatar

    I can see why you shared those 5 things! What wonderful celebrations! I was moved by the moment with your mom…Reminded me of my mom and unexpected shopping treats…

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I think there’s always an unexpected shopping treat when I shop with my mom, LOL! She loves the shopper’s high–but only from buying things for OTHER people!

  2. jarhartz Avatar

    What a good mom you are. Adventuring to a place of fear to give you moments with your son. And clearly what a mom you have as a role model. AND what a model you are for your son. He clearly is doing what you do for him with the young ones.
    AND love the cat photos!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Thanks, Julianne! My brave son inspires me all the time to do things that scare me. I might even try the horrible swing obstacle again next time we go rope adventuring!

  3. carriegelson Avatar

    I love hearing about your son at soccer camp. It sounds like the perfect thing for him! That ropes course looks amazing! My kids would love it too! Well done – fear conquered! Score one for deep breathing!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      It’s a very nice ropes course for tiny Keystone, South Dakota! It was funny to me to see how all the kids seemed to take to the course with such enthusiasm and many of the adults were fearful.

  4. Linda Baie Avatar

    Love hearing about the soccer camp experience. It seems important to do something for someone else & that helps the feelings of self-worth more than anything. It’s great that he was so wonderful with those younger kids. You should be so proud that you did the ropes course with your son, too, Elisabeth. Wow-I bet he was impressed with your daring, & feeling more than great that it was a cinch for him. That’s neat that you have that possibility in your area. Finally, nice to have the time with your mom. I love being with my daughter, with or without the kids-special times. The cat pics are always good to see!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Love your observation about developing feelings of self-worth, Linda. We struggle with this a lot with our kids. So difficult to adopt them at older ages and have so little time to develop something as important as self-worth!

  5. Leigh Anne Avatar

    Oh my! I would be absolutely terrified to zip line because I am not a big fan of heights either! You have my admiration…and prayers!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Leigh Anne, I have no idea why ziplining was so much easier for me than some of the other obstacles. It’s definitely not rational!

  6. Earl @ The Chronicles Of A Children's Book Writer Avatar

    What a wonderful way to spend lasting memories with your son- and what a great example you’re setting- conquer your fears for those you love!

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