5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 8/23/14

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Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly celebration on her blog. I appreciate this invitation to find the positives in my week.

1. My mom got a dog! And she chose the very best breed: the pit bull! I realize I may be a bit biased, but I really cannot imagine a dog with a better disposition. Quincy is quite handsome:

photo (16)

When I drop by to visit for a minute, he does a pittie wiggle and then goes into the full pittie lean. He’s a Velcro dog through and through. He’s pretty mellow, a bit shy, and he’s doing well with the two grumpy elderly cats.

2. It was my first week back to school, and the students in Digital Literacy are already asking the big questions:

photo (13)I am excited to spend a semester thinking about how we can do school differently–and why we need to. (Couldn’t help thinking of that class when I accompanied my son to middle-school orientation on Thursday. We were informed that cell phones are “not allowed” in middle school and if students do bring them, phones need to be locked in lockers. We are so threatened by the cell phone that it literally needs to be locked away!)

3. My son accompanied me to the library and chose his own books! This is what he came up with:
photo (17)


I usually choose realistic fiction, heavily illustrated stories, and anything sports for him. That’s what I thought he liked. But his self-selected stack gives me pause: it couldn’t be more different from what I thought he liked. And I was thrilled to see Jinx! I’m not entirely sure he’s going to be able to follow the complicated world building of fantasy, but I’m ready to try.

4. Time to read! I had so much work I needed to do on Friday, but I had already put in a 50-hour work week by Thursday evening, so I gave myself the day off. I spent the morning reading the new Sarah Dessen novel. I am thinking that reading time needs to be the new Friday morning normal.

moon and more

5. Cats are always awesome. Abby immediately commandeered the packaging from a picture book that arrived and clawed anyone who tried to get the cardboard away from her. And Puck showed why one of his many nicknames is Big Dopey. photo (14) photo (15)

17 responses to “5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 8/23/14”

  1. Your son knows the Son of Neptune is the 2nd in the series, right? And the series is the second one in that fantasy world? My son who is on the spectrum hates to read things out of order, and was shocked that people were encourage to start with the second series.

  2. Those are great things to celebrate! I agree that your mom’s new dog is quite handsome! But I’m a sucker for all dogs. I’m a crazy dog lady. Well, more like a crazy pug lady, but I do love all dogs. 🙂

  3. Bookending your celebration with dogs and cats! Love it. So interesting what we think we know about our kids. Those books look like you will be going on some great journeys.

    • He has yet to actually ask to start reading any of them, so we’ll see what happens! But I’m intrigued by the selection. Maybe I can find something more in the fantasy genre with illustrations. He really needs some visual support.

  4. Always love seeing the cats! Interesting when the readers in our own homes surprise us. Yeah for Friday reading time.

  5. That final picture of Big Dopey is priceless. Glad you had a good week with your students, and your son is off to a ‘start’ at school. Hope the rules aren’t too overpowering. Glad you got a bit of reading in too. Enjoy the weekend!

    • Today we’re celebrating because our kids are off for the first day of school. We made it through the summer! Puck is one of my favorite cats to photograph. He’s almost impossible to disturb. My son lined up some legos on his head this week and snapped a photo and I don’t think Puck even opened an eye.

    • My dog’s greatest dream is to be glued to the people 24/7. I think she’d be truly happy if I could just carry her around in a baby sling. And this just seems to be a characteristic of the breed. There’s a reason their owners call them Velcro dogs! Every so often I look around my house and think, you know? It’s kind of weird to have animals living in the house like this. But then I get over it!

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