Slice of Life: Instant Bad Mood

slice of life

This was my morning.

In a perfectly good mood.

Sitting at the coffee shop, skimming Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s wonderful book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, looking for excerpts to share in my Composition class this afternoon. Take a break to check email and find a link to the Grade Report for my fantasy football draft. Feeling very good about my draft yesterday. It went exactly–EXACTLY–according to plan. Running backs in four of the first five drafts. A much better QB than I was counting on. Postponed wide-out on purpose and targeted older players who aren’t getting much love in fantasy drafts: Steve Smith, Greg Jennings. Decide to click on the Grade Report. See that Yahoo graded me at a B.

Instant bad mood.

photo (21)

With thanks to Amy Krouse Rosenthal for the inspiration and format.

20 responses to “Slice of Life: Instant Bad Mood”

  1. Since I’ve never played, & know little of what you speak, I re-read, & then read Amy’s too. I read that book a couple of years ago & didn’t remember that part. Funny & awful all at the same time! A click & the emotions roll in! Happens even faster (it seems) with adolescents!

    • Ha! I am not sure that what I wrote is very comprehensible to non-football fans! There is so much in Amy’s book. I meant to just skim a few pages for excerpts to share and ended up reading far more because it’s so fun to dip into.

  2. Neat format, indeed!

    My day almost changed to a bad mood day in an instant this morning. I cannot remember what it was that went wrong (or how it went back), but I’m thankful my day was saved.

    • Isn’t it so silly how very small things can affect our moods so strongly? I can have very large things go wrong and not bat an idea and then get very cranky about all kinds of things that don’t matter!

  3. What does yahoo know?? You have been a winner your whole life–oh, wait, this is not the time for a “mother-defense”, lol. You actually have been a winner with your fantasy football teams in the past, so just ignore yahoo.

  4. What fun! Instant good mood reading this slice! And what does Yahoo really know about fantasy football? Aren’t we trying to get away from grades? Just forget about it and snatch that good mood back! You’ll get an A for that! 🙂

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