5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 9/13/14

celebrate link up

Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly celebration on her blog. I appreciate this invitation to find positives in my week.

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1. Today is my son’s birthday. Although I keep teasing him that his present is a Barbie Dream House, it’s really a new bicycle. The grandparents are coming over to help him put together his new bike, and I bought his favorite cake (red velvet) and will cook his favorite dinner (nachos). I’ve got my fingers crossed for a good day for him. Birthdays can be so hard for traumatized kids, but he really deserves a special day.

2. Blogging bootcamp. We’re three weeks into blogging in my Digital Literacy class, and I knew students had questions, so I asked Kelsey to guest lecture. This is the second time she’s taught a lesson on blogging in one of my classes, and once again, I learned so much from her. I also appreciated having a chance to live tweet class. I am not a fast or efficient live tweeter–yet! I need more practice. (Kelsey, want to teach class next week too??) At the end of class, students set goals to improve one aspect of their blogging this week. I’m excited to see what they do!


3. I made my reservations for NCTE. Last year, I traveled to NCTE with a group of my pre-service teachers, and I discovered that it’s even more fun going to NCTE with my students than it is going alone. (That’s Reba, Lindsey, and Kelsey just after we checked in for our flight to Boston. Those are some happy pre-service teachers!). I’m hoping to bring a small group with me this year too. It’s such a valuable experience for teachers, and I love being able to learn from my students who often attend different sessions or have a different perspective on sessions that we attend together. More fingers crossed for funding to be approved.

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4. So. Much. Reading. Time. I usually take a couple of hours for reading on Fridays. But this week, I found a couple of hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, AND Friday. Major discovery: less time on social media means more time for reading. That makes my dog very happy.

sam cooke

5. Sam Cooke. I’m loving this CD I recently bought. Such a smooth sweet voice. I grew up in the 70s, but for my parents, musically at least, it was perpetually 1963, so this is the music of my childhood. 





19 responses to “5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 9/13/14”

  1. Linda Baie Avatar

    Happy Birthday to your son. Great to have a birthday on a Saturday! Tell him there’s a special bakery here in Denver that makes awesome red velvet cupcakes! Love that you’re going to NCTE with some students-sounds like a lot of fun. I’m not going this year, but will watch for everyone’s posts & tweets! I’m interested to hear what you think about This One Summer-interesting! Have a wonderful weekend with family, Elisabeth!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Thanks, Linda! So far, so good! And the bicycle putting together is becoming quite a project–which doesn’t require my input at all, aside from a bit of oohing and aahing, which I’m quite good at. I really liked This One Summer–will write about it on Monday. Next time I’m making a trip to Denver, I’ll have to ask you about the bakery. I like a good cupcake myself! And that would be the perfect treat to bring home.

  2. Holly Mueller Avatar

    Less time on social media = more time reading. I must keep that in mind! Ha. Sounds like a great week of celebrations! 🙂

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Just because I “realized” that this week doesn’t mean I’ll ever follow through again, LOL. I do love my social media.

  3. Michele Avatar

    Your son looks so snappy in that picture! What a handsome guy!
    I’m going to my first NCTE this year! Hope to see you there!
    Hope your reading continues this weekend! I’ll check in with you on Monday to see what you read 🙂

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Yay! Hoping we can meet up at some point at NCTE. I have a feeling we’ll be interested in some of the same sessions and be in the room together without even knowing it.

  4. carriegelson Avatar

    Happy Birthday wishes from me! I love that you live tweeted while someone else taught your class. I always say, “I am not the only teacher in the room.” When we strike that balance between teacher and learner, we truly benefit.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      So true, Carrie. Kelsey is such an experienced blogger and vlogger. I was thinking during her presentation that I need to ask my students more often to teach things they’re already experts in. So often I ask them to learn something new and teach it to the class, but tapping into existing expertise would be a good idea too.

  5. Deb Day (@mrsday75) Avatar

    Great celebrations, Elisabeth. Maybe you can get your students celebrating with us!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Thanks, Deb! Kelsey showed off the weekly celebration meme, so maybe some students will feel inspired to join in!

  6. Beth Shaum (@BethShaum) Avatar

    I love Sam Cooke’s music too. Change is Gonna Come, Chain Gang, and version of Summertime is one of my faves.

    Yay for NCTE! Let’s make a point to actually meet this year, since you came to my preso last year and I never got to meet you. 🙂

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Let’s do try to meet at NCTE–that would be so fun! I always think it’s going to be easier to meet up with people at NCTE than it really is though. So many people!

  7. omahatim Avatar

    Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963

    I like Sam, too.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Thanks for the link! Such a beautiful voice.

  8. jarhartz Avatar

    Happy Birthday to your boy. He looks wonderful! And I’m going to NCTE too! I’m so excited. It will be my first time there. I hope I get to meet you face to face!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      You’re going to love NCTE! Three of my favorite days of the year. So much great learning. Also a bit overwhelming! I didn’t pace myself very well my first year, but last year I did better. Skipped a few events that I wish I had gone to (like the Nerdy Book Club get-together) but I really needed a break! Let’s definitely plan to meet. I’d love that!

  9. Ramona Avatar

    Love the pic of your son. Sounds like you had a fabulous b-day planned. A new bike, red velvet cake, favorite dinner, and the grandparents over. I’m still trying to find the best balance with my reading life and my blogging life. But my cat likes it when reading wins out!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      It was indeed a good day. My son also had his first football game and he didn’t get hurt! Woo! (He also scored five touchdowns, which is contributing to what I like to call “I’m-the-man-itis.” My husband assures me that he will grow out of it.) It is a challenge to find that balance between reading and blogging. I haven’t been putting as much time into writing “real” blog posts as I would like to. (“Real” ones, for me, are the ones with lots of words–not the listy posts I mostly tend to publish these days.) Balance in all things is certainly a lifelong project!

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