Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading 10/5/14

Sunday Salon

The Reading Life

Wondering how to choose what book to read next? Book Riot identifies four methods. I’m partial to the Charlotte “Double-Booking” and Goldilocks Methods myself.

In a reading slump? Try these tips for getting out.


The Writing Life

Just in time for NaNoWriMo: ZenHabits gives guidelines on how to produce a high quantity of words in a short period of time in The Productive Sprint. I was thinking that I might forego NaNoWriMo this year, but now I’m imagining devoting 5 days to it (spread over the month) and writing 10K a day. Is that even possible??

Also from ZenHabits, some advice on writing in public and pushing yourself past your fears of publication.

If you’re a Pinterest fan, you’ll want to read Jennifer Chen’s tips for using Pinterest as a writer.

Julianna Baggott explains how all the lines and ideas she cuts from her works in progress may get a second life in a later work.


Young Adult Literature

Eric Gansworth wrote a thoughtful essay for Banned Books Week, connecting a banned book that was important to him when he was a teenager with memories of growing up on the reservation.

Want to read more YA graphic novels by women? YALSA has a great list of recommendations.

October is Hispanic Heritage Month, and Stacked has a list of recommended YA.


Children’s Literature

Mrs. Heise is reading a picture book a day to her 7th and 8th graders. This is so brilliant!

I really want to get my hands on Hadley Hooper’s new book with Patricia MacLachlan, Iridescence of Birds. Seven Impossible Things has an excellent interview.

Brown Girl Dreaming is one of my favorite books of 2014, even though I’m not quite finished with it yet. Carole Boston Weatherford interviews Jacqueline Woodson about her writing process.


Connected Educators

In her typical forthright style, Pernille Ripp discusses the downside to being a connected educator.

TeachThought has some tips for using Twitter more effectively.





3 responses to “Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading 10/5/14”

  1. […] A collection of links to my favorite online reading […]

  2. Jennifer Chen Avatar

    Thanks so much for posting a link to my post about using Pinterest as a writer! I appreciate the shout out.

  3. […] So I know pretty well why we are trying to do this social media push professionally, but it leaves me with the question of why I am attempting to involve myself in social media personally.  I happened upon another helpful article today from teacher librarian Travis Jonker at School Library Journal in which he documents the ways he has tried using social media as a school librarian, some of his specific successes in social media, and the successes of others.  Conversely informative and eye opening on this topic of how and why to use social media was the article “The Downside to Being a Connected Educator” by teacher-blogger Pernille Ripp.  She warns about the comparative dangers of the game and the effect it can have on other aspects of your professional and personal life. (I should give due credit that I found both the Ripp article and the TeachThought article via blogger Elisabeth Ellington’s excellent Sunday Salon Online Reading Round-up.) […]

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