Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

The Reading Life

Lisa and Brian Wyzlic share the Top Ten Reasons to Marry a Nerdy Book Club Member.

I’ve been enjoying the Okapi Robot Tree blog and found that this post on the tedium of book reviews–reading and writing them–really resonated with me.

I’m so glad I now have permission to call graphic novels comics. Because it makes no sense to call

Sophisticated Dorkiness thinks about what it means to read diversely and why readers need to pay more attention to who we’re reading.


Writing, Digital Writing and Social Media

My students in Digital Literacy class don’t know it yet, but they’re going to be participating in Digital Writing Month come November.

School librarian Travis Jonker explains his social media strategies.

Teach Thought explains why blogging makes sense for student writers.

Ursula Vernon reminds us that it’s okay–even necessary–to make bad art.


The Teaching Life

Pernille Ripp reminds us of the most important work we do in our classrooms: seeing our students–and being happy to see them.

Justin Tarte shares 20 insights on student learning from a presentation by Rick Wormeli.

Any parent of a teenager could have told you this: there are real reasons why school needs to start later for teenagers.



Wonderful story and photos of a therapy cat and the little girl she helps.





5 responses to “Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Online Reading”

  1. Juliana Ellington Avatar

    What a wonderful cat story!!!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it! Gorgeous cat!

  2. […] curation of online reading related to teaching, reading, and writing (and […]

  3. Josh W. Avatar

    Thanks for linking to my blog post! I’m glad to hear that I’m not entirely alone with my quandaries over book reviews.

    And thanks (I think) for making me aware of Digital Writing Month. I’ve been considering whether I intend to participate in NaNoWriMo next month. It’s possible DigiWriMo is a better fit for the kinds of writing I want to be doing right now.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      You’re welcome! I’ve done NaNoWriMo 7 times and had planned to do it again because I love to keep a streak going. But DigiWriMo fits the kind of work I want to be doing right now much better too. (I’m also doing PiBoIdMo–Picture Book Idea Month.)

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