Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading 11/9/14

Sunday Salon

The Reading Life

No time to read? Make time for this thought-provoking post by Shane Parrish on the ways we waste time and what we can do to spend it more wisely.

If you want to read more nonfiction, check out Kim’s wrap-up post for Week 1 of Nonfiction November. She collects one recommendation from each of the 50+ bloggers participating in this event.

And this is why I really struggle to read Laura Ingalls Wilder now.

SLJ published an excellent article about Bibliotherapy for Teens, with useful information about teens and mental illness and a long list of recommended fiction.


The Teaching Life

Jeffrey Benson shares a process called “hanging in,” designed to help teachers respond to their most challenging students.

Troy Hicks and Kristin Ziemke compose a thoughtful defense of digital writing in the writing workshop classroom.

Ellie Herman has a thoughtful post about why teachers obsess about not being good enough.

Pernille Ripp reminds us that we don’t have to throw everything out to be innovative.

Justin Tarte shares 10 Ways to Transform the Way We Do Education.


The Writing Life

“Writing is an aching occupation…. We have to keep looking. We have to be present.” This piece by Sean Morris on why we write is one of the best things I read this week.

No time to write? Fast Company has 7 tips for time management drawn from NaNoWriMo insights.

Are you NaNoWriMo-ing this month? Chuck Wendig has collected some NaNo tips to help you out.

One of my favorite author-illustrators, Deborah Freedman, tackles the terror of the blank page in this illustrated essay.





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