5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 11/15/14

celebrate link up

Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly celebration on her blog. I appreciate this invitation to reflect on the positives in my week.

1. Funny attachment language. My son has been trying to articulate how his feelings for me have changed over the past 3.5 years. Just saying he loves me isn’t enough, though he usually starts with that. But he is letting himself feel love for the first time in, well, a lot of years, and words feel inadequate to him, which I understand. That doesn’t stop him from trying to find words, however. With mixed results. This week, he has told me:

  • I love you more than football.
  • Your skin used to be like acid to me.
  • The first time I had to kiss you, you tasted sour, but now you’re yummy.
  • I used to be 100% scared of you, but now I’m 5% scared of you and 90% love you.

I can’t wait to find out what the missing 5% is! When he says some of these awesomely tweaked things, my eyes light up, and he sighs.

“You’re gonna write that one in your notebook, aren’t you?” he says.

You bet I am.

2. Snow! I woke up so cranky on Monday morning–not enough sleep, which has become the story of my life. But then I opened the curtains and saw this:

IMG_2463_2Something about snow always puts me in a good mood–especially when it comes on a day when I don’t have to drive anywhere. We had another couple of inches last night, and it’s so beautiful outside.

3. Working on my planner for the NCTE Convention next week. NCTE is one of my favorite events of the year, and I’m super excited that it’s next week. I’ve got my whole schedule mapped out, and it includes seeing many teachers in my PLN and many wonderful authors and illustrators. Once again, my excellent institution agreed to support attendance for some of my pre-service teachers, so I’m bringing a small group of pre-service teachers with me too.

4. New metaphors for school. A couple of weeks ago in Digital Literacy class, we were describing the conditions, routines, spaces, and attitudes for and of creativity and contrasting those with what we typically see in school. Several metaphors couldn’t help but emerge from our description of school: prisons, hospitals, factories. It was kind of depressing. I challenged my students to find a new metaphor for their classroom, and I love what they came up with:


Check out why Nicky wants her classroom to be like her living room and why Kelsey thinks school should be like a circle.

5. Cold temperatures bring on much cat snugglies. IMG_2489 IMG_2464 IMG_2465_2 IMG_2466






15 responses to “5 Things I Loved About Last Week #celebratelu 11/15/14”

  1. carriegelson Avatar

    Oh I really want to know about that 5% too! I must admit I get teary every week reading about your devotion to your boys and your commitment to hanging in through the wonderful and the challenging. You have Mom power in beautiful ways.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      The wonderful and the challenging–that is a good way to describe what it’s like around here! One second I’ve got objects being hurled at me, the next second I’m hearing some funny words of attachment! Ah well. It’s never boring, that’s for sure.

  2. loraleebain Avatar

    Number 1 was my favorite! Adorable.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      So glad I keep a notebook to collect his words because otherwise I wouldn’t remember!

  3. Ramona Avatar

    Love, love, love, the cat pics! Also looking forward to meeting you at NCTE (my first time). Any hints for a first timer? I love the line – “You’re gonna write that one in your notebook, aren’t you?” Oh to be loved more than football by an adolescent boy! You’re a lucky mama!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Really looking forward to meeting you at NCTE. I think we’re both going to the Slicer dinner on Saturday, but let’s be sure to connect before then. NCTE can be a bit overwhelming–my first year, I had to take some session breaks just to let everything sink in! Are you on Twitter?

  4. Linda Baie Avatar

    Love hearing about your son, his words about love, but also “you’re going to put that into your notebook aren’t you?”. Sounds a lot like pride to me. Great stuff! And adore that final cat picture, Elisabeth. You should enlarge & frame-so pretty! Snowing here today, & I’m on my way to our school auction. It’s always a delight, but wish I could stay in & be cozy too. Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      He’s certainly used to seeing me with my notebook. I do a lot of writing when we’re having wild times here–writing helps me regulate, focus, get centered. He picks up a notebook too and writes, which is awesome to see!

  5. Michele knott Avatar

    I love the many comments you have saved from your son. Especially since I know how much they mean to you!
    Can’t say I share the same thoughts about snow as you. I think we’re supposed to get some tonight and there is a good chance I’ll cry!
    I’m still working out my ncte plans. So many good things to do!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      You’re right–so many good things to do at NCTE. I have 8 or 9 potential sessions bookmarked for some of the time slots. I don’t always have good feelings about snow when it happens during the week. Hate driving in it! But weekend snow is always welcome for me!

  6. Kendra Avatar

    The comments from your son are priceless! I absolutely loved the notebook question. 🙂 The snow is here now, and we have been all snuggling more too! Have fun at NCTE, I’ll be following on Twitter.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      So much great learning on Twitter at NCTE! I love being able to follow other sessions and get a taste of everything!

  7. […] celebration of my son’s unusual love language, snow, NCTE, and […]

  8. kaeleighmuir Avatar

    I love the comments from your son! I love the “I love you more than football.” I personally love football so what a great compliment! 🙂

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      He lives for football, so I’m not sure he really meant it, LOL.

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