Sunday Salon: A Round-up of Weekly Reading

Sunday Salon

The Reading Life

Ryan Holiday has two rules for a great reading life: buy all the books you want (I can totally get behind this idea! In fact, I already do!) and abandon books you don’t like.

Bryan Van Dyke’s essay on reading explores reading and mortality–the desire to read everything that matters, the realization that we don’t have enough time, why we make reading lists, and how books can connect us to each other.

November 24-28 is Graphic Novels Week! Join the reading challenge at Reading in winter.

I happen to love books about books and reading. Rebecca Mead posts her top 10 bookish books in The Guardian.

Tim Parks wonders why we should bother reading new books.

I love Rohan Maitzen’s “This Week in My Classes” series: in this post, she asks what makes a teachable novel.

This Week’s Best Long Read

Did you know that the test to become a London taxi driver is rumored to be the most difficult in the world? This fascinating article looks at how aspiring cabbies train and test to become drivers.






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