Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

It saddens me to need to publish another all Ferguson edition of Sunday Salon. I read very widely online this week, and these are the pieces that resonated the most with me.


Ferguson: Contexts, Commentary, the Classroom

Roxanne Gay’s Only Words was one of the best pieces I read this week. There are absolutely no words, yet we have to be writing, talking, asking hard questions, and trying to educate others.

Michael Eric Dyson explores what’s at stake when our President and so many others don’t have the courage to speak the truth in Where Do We Go After Ferguson?

Kelly Wickham of Mocha Momma collects 13 of her essays on race–necessary reading.

Robin D.G. Kelly’s Why We Won’t Wait is an incredibly powerful piece of writing about what happens when we wait for justice: more black men, women, and children are killed by the police while we wait.

If you like your information presented visually in infographics, check out Killed by the Cops.

I’ll be sharing Jason Reynolds’s poem, Ferguson, in all my classes last week. I’m grateful he published it on his blog.

Are you frustrated by the response of some of the white people you know? Send them Sally Kohn’s measured but pointed essay, What White People Need to Know, and Do, After Ferguson.

Chris Lehmann’s words about Teaching as Hope were exactly what I needed to read this week.

If you’re a white teacher of mostly white students and you haven’t thought a lot about white privilege, you might think Ferguson doesn’t have anything to do with you and your students. Two posts this week may convince you otherwise: Corinne Hyde’s Teaching About Ferguson and Jessica Lifshitz’s We, White Teachers of Mostly White Students, We Have a Lot of Work to Do.

The awesome students of Garfield High School in Seattle join the protest movement. I can’t even tell you how much I love the activism I see coming out of this school.

A big thanks to Paul Thomas, who shared many of the most important pieces I read this week.






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