Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon


The 100 most important cats photos on the Internet? Yes please.

A cat at Edinburgh University has his own library card! I already love libraries, but a library cat would make me love them even more.

I also already love coffee shops, but I know that adding cats to coffee shops would make me love them that much more.

After reading a profile at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, I’m now obsessed with Christine Brallier’s mosaic technique for illustrating children’s books. Her cat, Raymi, is one of the stars of her new version of The Night Before Christmas.


The Teaching Life

Etale explains how he designs projects in his college classroom that fan the flames of self-directed learning.

Tara Smith pens a powerful letter full of hopes and wishes to her departing student teacher.

Jackie Gerstein compiles a list of the best education-related videos of 2014.

Sarah Brown Wesserling has a post full of fun and inspiring ideas for winter break PD–whether you have one hour or ten.

Teach Thought has some good advice for dealing with difficult parents.

I really like Andrew Marcinek’s ideas for Teaching Digital Literacy without Technology.


Race, Social Justice, Diversity, #Ferguson

Kelly Wickham spends the day volunteering at the Ferguson library–and gets to open a package from John Green.

I loved children’s author Rukhsana Khan’s words about achieving diversity at NCTE. She wrote up her talk for the Lee & Low blog.

This terrific article explains what white children need to know about race and how teachers can make sure their needs are met.






2 responses to “Sunday Salon: A Round-Up of Online Reading”

  1. […] attempt to curate the Internet but settle for a few cat stories and photos, some teaching articles, and a few pieces on #Ferguson […]

  2. Christine Brallier Avatar

    Thanks for sharing, Elisabeth 🙂

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