Books I’m Giving For Christmas


Perhaps unsurprisingly, books are my favorite present to GIVE for Christmas as well as my favorite present to GET. (I also like to get CATS as presents, but my husband says he’s cutting me off at six.) I even give books to people who don’t like to read, because I know there’s that just right book out there for everyone and I believe that with enough hunting, I can find it. Buying books for my mother and mother-in-law, both of whom are voracious readers, is especially fun because researching books they will love gets me far outside my own zone of book knowledge. Neither of them reads children’s or young adult, so effective bookmatchmaking requires me to explore what’s new in adult fiction and nonfiction.

This is what I’m giving this year.

For my older son, who is still mourning the loss of Frederic, Gustav and Deeb Rauber the Bandit King (after we concluded Christopher Healy’s wonderful Hero’s Guide series);

jinx vengekeep half upon a timeFor my younger son, who loves graphic novels and Percy Jackson:

lost hero sea of monsters red pyramidFor my husband, who reads YA, preferably fantasy, and finance exclusively:

story of owen


flash boysFor my mother-in-law, an artist and paleontologist, who will read absolutely anything but especially loves literary fiction:
euphoria unnecessary woman untamed state blazing world lives in ruinsFor my mother, who loves depressing books about dying, books about nature and gardening, and nonfiction by and about women:

things i've learned from dying

underground girls of kabuloldest living thingi'll drink to thatbeing mortal liar temptress







2 responses to “Books I’m Giving For Christmas”

  1. carriegelson Avatar

    Happy reading to your household! Lots of books under our tree today too!

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