Books I Got For Christmas

I am not sure my mother was quite prepared for the length of my Christmas book wish list, but she gamely and generously ordered all of them. Even though I knew what all of the books were, it was still very exciting to open all of them yesterday. Now I have piles of wonderful new books that I’m eager to dive into–as well as a new reading dilemma. I am desperately reading to finish my 2014 reading challenges, and I’m in the middle of 8-10 books that need to be finished by December 31 (just five days away! How did that happen?!). I really, REALLY shouldn’t start any new books right now. But all the books I’m in the middle of reading, most of which seemed perfectly interesting and readable on December 24, now seem tired and old and boring compared to the big stacks of enticing new books. Maybe in the future my reading year needs to end on December 24 instead of December 31!

against football all different now blossoming book with no pictures

by the book courage for beginners how to cook everything i'll give ou the sun jenny and the cat club

joy the baker cookbook

little author in big woods plenty port chicago 50 portrait of a novel revolution seconds summoning the phoenix sure signs of crazy

to the riverturtle of oman uni the unicorn upside down in middle of nowhere winter bees





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