Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading

Sunday Salon

The Reading Life

Austin Kleon has some quick advice for how to read more.

Rick Webb examines his reading habits and presents some terrific advice for reading more books this year.

Vasilly has a terrific list of Favorite Children’s Books of 2014.

So many good books on Betsy Bird’s list of books she didn’t review in 2014.

How come I’ve never heard of the Cozy Classics before? Pride & Prejudice retold as a board book with felt puppets? YES PLEASE.

All of the Nerdy Book Club Award posts are worth reading, but I especially liked Katherine Sokolowski’s apologia for the graphic novel.


The Teaching Life

If you read just one thing this week, it should probably be Ellie Herman’s call to action for high-poverty schools and education equity.

Katherine Sokolowski reminds us how important and wide-reaching our words can be.

Trying to lead a more balanced if less perfect teaching life in 2015? Justin Ashley explains why that’s a good goal.


New Years Resolutions

Sage Blackwood encourages us to pursue our passions, even if we aren’t very good at them.

If you’re trying to commit to new habits in 2015, be sure to read Lifehacker’s What It Takes to Form a Good Habit.

The Jealous Curator has cooked up a terrific creative challenge for 2015: 12 creative unblock projects.





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  1. Vasilly Avatar

    Thanks so much for the link love! Now I need to check out the rest of these links.

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