10 Tips for Bloggers: Finding Topics and Motivation

Get Outside Yourself: English @ CSC

Many students who start blogging as an assignment in one of my courses tell me they want to keep blogging after the course ends–only they aren’t sure how to find topics to write about or motivation to post regularly once they’re no longer blogging under deadline as part of a graded assignment. Here are 10 tips to help bloggers write and publish.

1. Identify what you have to contribute or share. Think of your writing as offering items of value to your reader. What do you have to contribute? What do you have to share that will be valuable to another reader? Often in blogs, what’s valuable is the thought process of the writer, the invitation your writing offers to others to think more deeply or reflect.

2. Read other blogs. One of the best ways to figure out what kind of blog you want to write is to figure out what…

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