Nonfiction Picture Book 10 for 10: Living a Creative Life #nfpb10for10


It’s time for the annual nonfiction picture book blogging event, Nonfiction Picture Book 10 for 10, hosted by Reflect & Refine, Embrace & Enjoy Learning, and Write at the Edge.

Last year, I shared 10 picture books about African-American history that don’t focus on slavery or Civil Rights.

This year, I’ve curated a list of 10 nonfiction picture books that I plan to share in a new 400-level college course I’ve developed on Creativity. I’ve always shared picture books in my Children’s Literature and Adolescent Literature courses, and I occasionally use them as mentor texts and writing prompts in Freshman Composition. But I had never considered incorporating picture books in my other courses until last semester in Digital Literacy class, when my students and I participated in Global Read-Aloud (#gra14) and read 6 picture books by Peter Reynolds. Students enjoyed our “read-aloud time” so much, and the picture books gave us some surprising new ways of thinking about our work in the class. I began to look for other ways to use picture books with college students. I’m guessing the seniors who take the Creativity Capstone course next year may be a little skeptical when I pull out the first picture book, but I anticipate full conversion by the end of the semester.

my name is celiafantastic jungles of henri rousseausecret world of walter andersonscraps bookmarvelous mattieviva fridariver of wordsbefore johndancing to freedomsplash of redWhat are some of your favorite nonfiction titles about creativity, art, and invention?

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