Links I Loved Last Week 2/22/15

Sunday Salon

Katherine Sokolowski explains why reading aloud is the most important thing she does in her classroom.

Thursday was Nonfiction Picture Book 10 for 10, and there were some wonderful lists shared. I especially liked Carrie’s list of 10 perspective-changing picture books, Catherine’s Lives of the Artists, and Linda’s titles to help middle-schoolers present research in new ways.

Pernille Ripp shares 6 ways to create a culture of celebration in our schools.

The New Yorker has an interesting piece on the neuroscience of how children learn to read.

Oliver Sacks recently learned that he has terminal cancer. He wrote a powerful piece for The New York Times on living with that diagnosis.

3 responses to “Links I Loved Last Week 2/22/15”

  1. I enjoyed reading Katherine Sokolowski’s blog on reading. I work in special services so I’m not on the teaching side of education, but I find it interesting to learn more about the teacher’s perspective in the classroom.

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