Celebrate: Caturday 2/28/15 #celebratelu

celebrate link upIt’s been a difficult week and a difficult Saturday. I’ve sat down to write this post several times and just can’t get it done. It’s supposed to be a celebration–only I keep falling into complaint. In the spirit of “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” I gave myself permission not to post today. But then I realized I do have something I can celebrate this week. Frances! Because it turns out that Saturday isn’t just Celebrate: it’s also Caturday. Through the Thicket, a lovely new-to-me blog, first introduced me to Caturday a couple of Saturdays ago. There are gorgeous artsy cat photos on her site. Here, you’ll just find some quick shots taken with my phone as Frances decides to make what I thought was a momentary setting down of a bathrobe her bed for the day. My son covered her up, which was just fine with her. Today, I celebrate Frances’s perpetual good mood (occasional cranky ears notwithstanding).

IMG_3345 IMG_3348 IMG_3351

6 responses to “Celebrate: Caturday 2/28/15 #celebratelu”

  1. That is too cute! I wish I would have known that it was Caturday! I could have celebrated my three cats!

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